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Christian Louboutin on His Least Favorite French City and the World’s Best Street Food

The globetrotting shoe designer—with homes all over the map—sounds off on his fashion role models, street market scores and in-flight secrets


IF YOU’VE EVER had the opportunity to observe J.

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Inside Islamic State’s Other Grisly War, a World Away From Syria

MARAWI, Philippines—On the third day of his captivity, during one of the most violent jihadist rebellions outside the Middle East and Africa, Ronnel Samiahan watched Islamist militants make an example of a fellow hostage who had tried to break free.After dragging the conscious man onto the street and pulling his head up by the hair, the militants began sawing at his neck with a knife.

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China’s Xi to World: Party First, Reform Second

18, 2017 3:46 a.m.

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The World’s Next Environmental Disaster


The polluted Yamuna River in New Delhi.ET

DELHI—The Yamuna River that flows through this ancient city has helped sustain some of India’s greatest empires.