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Trump: GOP health bill short of votes before deadline

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday the Republicans' last-resort "Obamacare" repeal effort remains two or three votes short, forecasting days of furious lobbying ahead with a crucial deadline looming next week.After the embarrassing defeat of an earlier repeal bill in July, some Republicans believe McConnell would bring a bill to the floor only with the votes in hand.

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German Election: For Markets, Wages, Not Votes Are What Matter Most

As Europe’s most important economy heads to the polls, economic changes are afoot


The big fear at European elections this year has been of radical change.

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Trump keeps insisting Republicans 'have the votes' to pass a healthcare bill — they don't

php on line 1636donald trump flag(Donald Trump.Joshua Lott/Getty Images) President Donald Trump said during a gaggle with reporters at the White House on Wednesday that Republicans "have the votes for healthcare.