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A tragic bond: Murder victim's sister welcomes ex-lifer home

And on this Sunday, 20 days into his freedom, he'd come to sit down with his victim's sister and take responsibility for his role in Warren's death.More than 10,000 days had passed behind bars, but to hear him tell it, Hines had refused to believe he'd die on the inside.

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How Venezuela Fell Victim to ‘Clear Manipulation’ in Election

Evidence indicates fraud in a gubernatorial election won by a Socialist Party-backed general, as President Maduro tightens control over institutions.ET

EL CASABE, Venezuela—Aires Pérez Rodríguez traveled by canoe for three hours to deliver the paper receipts showing a total of 225 votes cast for state governor in this hamlet.

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TripAdvisor Apologizes for Deleting Rape Victim's Warnings About Mexican Resort

”As initially reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, an American woman named Kristie Love was raped by a security guard at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya resort in Mexico seven years ago.When the hotel staff refused to call the police, she said, she tried warning other travelers in a TripAdvisor review—only to see her review swiftly taken down every time she posted it.