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Generation rent: why I’ll never have a six-bed by the sea

Next week I’m off to the coast for the Khan family holiday.The Sun offers discounted stays at holiday parks if you collect tokens.

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How to fly Ryanair without paying all the extras

So Ryanair is great value for advance-booked travellers, and phenomenally expensive when booking just a day or two before.50 each way to reserve its priciest seats in rows one and two, or £16-£17 by the emergency exits.

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Held in secure immigration as Ryanair fails to reunite me with ‘lost’ passport

On a flight from Dublin to Mallorca I left my passport on another seat while putting my luggage into an overhead locker.However, Ryanair staff then told me a passport can’t be sent without its owner.

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Monzo? It might just be the future of banking

So excited are young adults about this new bank account (that’s right, young people excited about a bank account) that they are clambering to join.Jaded personal finance hacks, on first seeing the Monzo launch – it only obtained its full banking licence in April – gave it a bit of a “so what” response.

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After BA’s IT meltdown our claim has finally taken off

The airline refunded our flight costs and paid the €750 EU-mandated compensation, but we were still £800 out of pocket.You were kind enough to publish my letter about this – BA told you (as it had us) that it was not liable for our consequential loss.

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Does Peter Hargreaves have a whale of an opportunity for UK investors?

The fund, called CF Blue Whale Growth, will initially have about 60% of its money in US shares, with another 29% in UK shares and 6% in Europe.”
The money will be managed by Stephen Yiu, who Hargreaves first met when he worked for Hargreaves Lansdown as a fund picker.

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Time is running out for eBay/Paypal to get a grip on fraud

There was a big response to our letter from the reader who lost around £1,100 after selling his Fender electric guitar on eBay.Readers could try this, but I’d still recommend cash in hand when selling high-value items.

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Build-to-rent – the solution to Britain's housing crisis?

“It’s a solution to the housing crisis; it could be a big solution,” Dodd said.“It sits alongside housing in all its various forms – modular housing, micro living.

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We got a sinking feeling as Bradford & Bingley cancelled our home insurance

We have paid Bradford & Bingley about £600 a year for our buildings and contents insurance since we bought our little terraced house 12 years ago, and renewed again last April.It’s telling that B&B could not point to the clause allowing them to do so.

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How do we deal with overhanging trees in our garden?

This week’s question:
My neighbour’s pear tree is encroaching my small garden, blocking out the sun.I also wonder how big the roots are as it’s close to our house.

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Let’s move to Diss, Norfolk: a glimpse of the East Anglian Dream

Demand for the East Anglian Dream, you see, outstrips supply.Trains: two or three an hour to Norwich (20 minutes); twice hourly to Ipswich (25 minutes), Colchester (40 minutes) and London Liverpool Street (90 minutes).

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Enterprise won’t refund us over a car crash that wasn’t our fault

In July 2016 my partner and I rented a car from Enterprise in France.During our holiday we were hit from behind and the other driver signed a statement admitting he was responsible for the crash.

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When your car keys are your debit cards, plus a towering surreal estate

Hello and welcome to this week’s Money Talks – a roundup of the week’s biggest stories and some things you may have missed.The first car keys with a contactless chip were launched this week.

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No-one likes to talk about death and money - even in a good cause

If there are two things the British public tend to be most reluctant to discuss, it’s death and money.While legacy conversations do need to be handled sensitively, we certainly shouldn’t be afraid of them.

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Campaigner will donate first Jane Austen £10 note to women's shelter

But on the new £10 note the bank backed down and on Thursday more than 1bn new tenners featuring Austen begin entering circulation.It ends a four-month period in which there has been no usable note featuring a woman other than the Queen.

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Fly Ryanair without paying the extras, plus the chance to live a spiritual life

Hello and welcome to this week’s Money Talks – a roundup of the week’s biggest stories and some things you may have missed.But there are ways around it, writes Patrick Collinson




Up go some baggage charges.

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British pubs under threat from new 'eye-watering' business rates

The great British boozer is under threat as a result of spiralling business rates, according to a campaign group which warns they are a “ticking time bomb” which could devastate the sector.The 2018 edition of Camra’s Good Beer Guide, published on Thursday, reports that when Camra was formed in the early 1970s, the UK boasted 75,000 pubs.

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Is this a new record for GWR’s no pay for a delay?

TM’s complaint about GWR’s delay in paying compensation is nothing compared with my own.VH, Penzance, Cornwall
GWR stepped in to initially handle only two of the three claims.

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UN report attacks austerity budgets for growing inequality

The threat to jobs from the growing use of robots and artificial intelligence has been exacerbated by a lack of government investment and lack of state support for skills training, the report also said.“Excluding women from good jobs deepens overall inequality with negative consequences for growth,” it said.

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‘Special assistance’ was of no assistance with Eurostar

My husband (who is blind) and I wanted to book Eurostar from London to Avignon in August.But I couldn’t get through so, anxious to travel on the dates I was off work, we bought tickets believing Eurostar would give us the discount when we could get through.